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Sometimes, security cameras catch something totally different

29/100 moments of YongSeo


what Yonghwa did when he was alone at home


Yonghwa’s handshake obsession! ^_^

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Seohyun is the one who made me fall in love with SNSD and the K-pop as a whole. Now that I think of it, I think I am lucky that I knew her during the times where she was still among the underrated ones. During those times, I rarely see hate posts for her which led me to believe…

KathNiel Offcam Kilig Moments :”>


“360° CNBLUE” ..shooting YH&JH from front,right side,left side & back.

—How do you feel after shouted from all angle?

JH: I have never experience to be taken from back, so I felt strange (laugh)

YH: If it was taken well, I’m glad.

JH: I trust cameraman-san’s skill!

—Do you have…


CNBLUE Jung YongHwa and Lee JungShin’s Interview on MORE Magazine October Issue

During the interview, when one of them is talking, the other one is looking at him and smiling. There is a warm atmosphere flowing through between the two.

JS: It’s because, for many years now, I have been living with the members. We can understand what the other one is thinking by just looking at each other’s face.

YH: Right, right. Now, (I can understand that) you’re hungry, too. (laughs)

JS: Because I’m a type that has a strong desire for marriage, I think I’ll get married pretty early. To make a peaceful family with a domestic woman and two sons is my dream. Because I’ll support (the family), I want my wife to protect the house without working. The thing I long for is to play catchball with my sons.

YH: Then, I guess Uncle YongHwa will also play catchball wit you all. Everyday, I’ll come to play and sleep over so take good care of me (laughs)

Credits: Japanese Text — @mi_malice

Scan— @cuteda7suke



I was once a close-minded shipper of the other pairing (can you believe that?HAHAHA) Everytime I search for Yong Hwa related articles, it kinda pisses me. I mean, I was all like, ‘who is this Seohyun?’ ‘wife?what wife? No! she’s not his wife!’ ‘oh? WGM? It’s just a…

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